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Spirituality, Relationships, Physical Activity, Career

Be Healthy Now! 
October 2008  
Healthy Digestion! 


With Eileen R. Weilbacher, The Food Adventurer

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Eileen Weilbacher is the Food & Health Adventurer.   
She helps you increase your energy and re-claim your health through food adventures, outdoor health activities, lifestyle counseling and innovative – fun – cooking classes. Her down-to-earth approach shows you how to get healthy using simple, step-by-step solutions that work to sustain enjoyment of life’s activities.  

Counseling in the great outdoors!   Do you like biking? Hiking? Walking?   We do it all while learning to get healthy! You can have fun while exploring a healthy lifestyle.

Call today and book your first health consultation with Eileen,  talk about what’s going on with you, what’s challenging and outline a plan for action to reach your personal and family health goals.  (631) 775-6196.





Cooking Classes with Be Healthy Now 

Come to My Kitchen - Call to set an appointment (775-6196).   We’ll prepare quick, organic, tasty, vegetarian meals, focusing on seasonal locally grown quality foods and eating for energy.   Recipes and Nutritional information included. It’s Fun, we share Ideas, Tips and Delicious Meals. 

If you have a particular food you'd like to learn to cook, call and ask, we can prepare it together.   This month we’ll be preparing foods that help digestion.  Chinese believe in Five Seasons and cook seasonal locally grown foods.   We will keep the tradition by preparing roots, squash, seasonal soups & salads.  These colorful, delicious dishes will satisfy the whole family.   Do you need some new healthy ideas or want to know how to substitute ingredients for healthy replacements?   Join in, bring questions and get ready to prepare our meal together.   Classes are $50 each, sign up with a friend and save $10 each.   Kids welcome.   Call (631-775-6196) to reserve a space, limited to four (4).

Build Autumn Energy - Free Funshop at Fitness Together
156 E. Main St., Port Jefferson (473-8200)

Monday, october 27, 7 pm - 8:30 pm.   We'll discuss:  Vital foods that rejuvenate, detoxify & invigorate.   You will practice activities to keep our energy & spirit levels up, laughter & FUN!   Q & A to follow.

Call to register - 631-775-6196.  Space is limited.

The Ross School

Fall Nutritional Series, Thursdays, 7 pm - 8:30 pm.   October 16, Seasonal Foods, October 23, Curb Cravings, October 30, Minerals/Energy.   Find out how foods really affect and create who we are. If this is true, how can we become the best we can?   Come find out.  PS this also affects children, so be careful about what you are feeding them.

It's informative and fun.  :)  Call the Ross School to Request a brochure or register - at (631) 907-5555.   Classes are $20 each.


ActivEntrepreneur - 
Are you an entrepreneur who loves being active and healthy?   (De-stress while growing your business!)   Join ActivEntrepreneur, for an active, healthy, eco-friendly business networking experience. Visit our website -, check out our upcoming events.

Autumn Detoxification:

This is a wonderful time of year to give your body the gift of a cleanse. Autumn is a time for eating roots and squash, having more soups, salads.   The abundance of fresh veggies makes it easy to detox. Call about doing a, lung / small intestines cleanse and rebuild your body & strengthen immunity for the autumn (lose a few pounds too!) (631-775-6196).

for your tasting pleasure :)


Did you know that the health of your whole being depends on the health of your digestion?  

Seems simple, but many people don't give it a second thought.   Many Americans are dependent on ant-acids to get through the day.   Ever wonder what an ant-acid does to your digestion? It lowers your acid, which causes a chain reaction in the entire lower digestive tract.   If you don't have enough acid in your stomach, how do you expect to break down proteins?

If you don't chew enough, your food has not been coated with digestive enzymes in the saliva that help you to digest.   This is the main reason for acid indigestion.
So PLEASE CHEW and concentrate on the foods you are eating.   Focus on your meals, not the news (especially not the news!), sit quietly, maybe look out the window at nature, which is soothing.   You will actually taste your foods when you take the time to chew and focus on the meal.

When I was in France, I noticed that the French do not speak during a meal.   Their restaurants were so quiet, it was strange.   I wondered what they must think of the Americans - boisterous barbarians probably! Think about it, they eat a lot of dairy, rich foods, but they are all thin and healthy, don't have heart conditions. . .   Of course they don't give their cows growth hormones either, and their portions are normal - protein the size of a deck of cards, salad, vegetables and you still see the plate underneath it all. My friend turned to me (when we ate our first meal) and said, where's the rest?   I always felt like they gave me just the right amount.

With the overwhelming amount of I.B.S., Crohn's, Candida, it's time we really address our digestion and take good care to be sure we are absorbing nutrients from our food.   As we age, our enzymes dwindle and we often need to supplement.   You know that if you take anti-biotics or eat animal products that have been given anti-biotics, you must supplement with a probiotic.   Cancer patients ALL need probiotics, this helps balance the good - gut bacteria and helps you to absorb energy from your food.   It reduces and eliminates bloating and builds immunity.  

When we are irritated, many of us cannot digest our foods, it is very important to Not eat when under stress.   If you find you are always stressed, then learn to meditate, take a walk in nature, clear your mind - and at the same time body - of negativity.   Breathe deeply and absorb the fresh air and sunshine.   Take in the colors, notice the animals, listen to the birds and trees rustling in the wind.   This is very soothing - it's nature's tranquil-izer.  

We don't need drugs, we need to take time for ourselves and spend time in nature. Eat well, laugh with friends, share our love and smile every day!  EVERY DAY!!! When you look in the mirror, smile and tell yourself "I love you" (say your name). This is very healing. Many of us have not heard it enough in our lives.   Please forgive yourself and love yourself, because this is what will heal not only your digestion but your ability to digest life.

Peace and Many Blessings during this holiday season.   Prepare yourselves to be healthy and happy, know it is available for all, focus on the joy of life, and be light and loving to all you meet.   We are all light beings, we sometimes need a little reminder. :

Here's a Tasty Autumn Recipe, good for the digestive system, warming to the body, balancing to the hormones and beneficial to the pancreas, Enjoy!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Ingredients:  Always buy organic - for more nutritional value and flavor
2 - 3 sweet potatoes, washed, cubed (remove ends) 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon 1 Cup Filtered Water 2 Tablespoons Butter


In a Large pot, bring the water to a rolling boil.  
Add sweet potatoes - cook for about 15 minutes - until soft, most of the water should be absorbed. 
Mash the potatoes while adding cinnamon and butter, blending together until creamy.

MMM - excellent side dish with chicken, fish, soup, etc.
Thinking it’s time to get healthy?  I can help.  

Get energy, reduce your stress, control your cravings, and learn to cook quick healthy meals in just a few sessions.  Call Eileen, the Food / Health Adventurer, and let’s get started.

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Have a Happy Yom Kippur and Happy Halloween!  

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